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Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona

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Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona

Postby CristinaMoise » Mon Aug 25, 2014 1:23 pm

Hello there!

I would like some inside information on the Master's degree in Conference Interpreting offered by UAB. Has anyone here attended this Master's or do you have any knowledge of the quality of the course? It appears on the DG Interpretation list of recommended schools, which is how I found out about it.

I recently took their language aptitude tests (July 2014), las pruebas diagnosticas, and everything went smoothly. This is the first year that they are offering the option of English as the main language (with Spanish as a second language and an obligatory French or German C).

They hold three language test sessions per year: 30th of May, 18th of July and another on the 8th of September. These sessions include oral and written comprehension exercises in your B and C languages after which they ask you to briefly describe yourself and give a 2 minute speech, on a a subject of their choice, in your main language (for example, I was given "the loneliness behind social networks", some other candidate got "artificial cloning"). These are all done with the other candidates present. Finally, you are invited in one by one and asked to do two sight translations, from your second and third languages into your main one. This is the point when the assessors present your with their impressions and advice. From my experience, they also tell you if you accepted into the course or not. I got accepted with English A, since I am not originally from Spain and I'm a Romanian with near-native English, the only problem was that since it's the first year that they are offering the course in this format, there were very few candidates that wanted English A. I am interested in staying in Spain for various reasons and this school seemed like a good place to start and develop my interpreting skills, but right now it all depends on whether or not there will be enough students.

Fingers crossed that more hopefuls will show up on the 8th of September!
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