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hi there

Japanese, Korean, Thai A's, this is your territory! Please include your complete combination (A-B-C), your location and your future/current interpreting school.

hi there

Postby preinterpret193 » Mon Aug 11, 2014 2:24 am

hello my name is Young Kim also go by Chris
born and raised in Korea, lived in Canada since middle school
pretty good command in English, now most of time better
in English than Korean, after High School left Ontario to
come to Quebec for education and immigration, etc.
now living in Longeuil Quebec working at MasterVox
(big electronic shop like futureshop + Homedepot put
together, learned quite bit of French but with a strong
quebec accent and expressions. anyway reading the
articles on how to be and the work to be done, i feel
a little overwhelmed... what i am currently studing is
actaully IT(16 months course) but what i want to is
actually simultaneous interpretation, anyway if any
anybody can give me any feedback on how to get
started, interpretation practice, feel free ^^
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