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Greek'A ! anyone for 2011?

Greek A's, express yourselves here! Please include your complete combination (A-B-C), your location and your future/current interpreting school.

Greek'A ! anyone for 2011?

Postby Alex_grec » Mon May 30, 2011 3:38 am

Καλημέρα ! Hey everyone,

I am in the list with the admissibles of ESIT and I'm looking for those who are Greek'A ! I know it is hard to find a lot of people passing the exam and be admissible for July, especially with combinations that include greek .. But I hope this time I'll be lucky ! My combination is Greek/English/French/Italian (A/B/C/C respectively) and I'm searching for those who have the same or similar combination. If anyone has any kind of information that can be helpful, it would be great !
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Re: Greek'A ! anyone for 2011?

Postby dimpa » Sat Jul 21, 2012 3:49 pm

Hey there,
I see you posted this a year ago, but I'll give it a shot..
I study conference interpreting at the Aristotle Univeristy with Greek (A) English & German (C)
So maybe we can do some practicing together through skype or exchange speeches :)
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Re: Greek'A ! anyone for 2011?

Postby knick » Sat Oct 20, 2012 12:29 am

Hi everyone!

I'm more than interested in entering ESIT. Greek is my A, but I am wondering what and how and if I would be a possible candidate.
My language combinations are Greek<>English, Greek<>German and French<>Greek. Do you think it is possible they will recruit someone with these combinations? How is the status for Greek in ESIT now? As I can see on the AIIC list of schools, Greek is supposedly taught as a C, but I'm not quite sure.
Especially for those who have entered (but for those who wish to enter as well), do you have any secret, advice, experience -at least as far as the exams go- that you could maybe share with me?
Another thing is that I've spend 13 months in total in Germany, but not consecutively (11 consec. and 2 generally, for which however, I have justification). Do you think this would be a problem. And since I haven't spend more than six months in England, do you think I could apply with English as a B?

Any tip is more than welcome! :roll:

Thank you!
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