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My aim

Türkçe A'lar ve diğer Türk dilleri, kendinizi burada tanıtın! Lütfen tam dil birleşiminizi (A-B-C), yerinizi ve gelecekteki/şimdiki çeviri okulunuzun adını ekleyin.

My aim

Postby selegnasol_ » Tue Aug 28, 2012 3:52 am

I'm not sure if i am supposed to write in Turkish here so i will go on with English.

I just started having my B.A degree at Boğaziçi University at Translation and Interpreting Studies department. I know it might be too early,but my ultimate goal is to be a conference interpreter and work for EU,UN or NATO. I am planning to have my PhD degree at UCLA at Political Science. I want to learn Spanish and French as well and I'm planning to make use of my French on only translating-translating of law texts since French is the language of law. But I want to be able to interpret in English,Spanish and Turkish.

Nowadays,I have been searching for schools that offer M.A degree for the combo of Turkish A,English B,Spanish C.
Is there any?
Do you have something to recommend me?

Best Wishes,
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