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Any tips on how to achieve the needed language level

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Any tips on how to achieve the needed language level

Postby constellating » Fri Aug 31, 2012 4:17 pm


I've seen several topics here regarding German interpreting schools, such as Heidelberg or Mainz. So maybe some of you here could give me a decent advice.

I've been working as a conference interpreter in my country for ten years already, working languages -- Ru-En. But my ambition is to add German to this list, and, eventually, to relocate.

So I wish to enter one of these schools. The problem is, I'm not even close to the needed level of German. I'm about C1 now, and it's even less with speaking.

I have a good private tutor here and all, but I'm absolutely sure that I wouldn't be able to speak fluently and faultlessly without living in the country for some time. Six months at the very least, a year preferably. Better in the working or studying context (not just a language school).

What options are there?

I can't go to a Studienkolleg, because I already have a bachelor degree.
I could go to another school, Uni or Fachhochschule, Bachelor or Master, just for a year, just in order to gain a sufficient speaking experience. But it wouldn't look good, would it? To abandon your school after a year of study?
I could do unpaid internship, maybe, but those I've found are provided up to three months and this wouldn't be enough. Still, a good idea.

Any tips? I'm stuck a bit here. Would be immensely grateful for your thoughts.
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